diagnostic stand, brake pad, diagnosing, testing, wear, wheel set, freight car, axle box


Purpose. This research is aimed at improving the design of the stand for the comprehensive diagnosis of axle boxes with rolling bearings and the study of the performance of brake pads of freight cars. Methodology. The expediency and possibility of improvement of the stand for carrying out of complex diagnostics of subsystems of axle boxes with rolling bearings and brake pads of freight cars concerning revealing their working capacity by application of operational loadings is substantiated. As a methodological development of this scientific direction, from the point of view of researches of diagnosing objects efficiency on the stand wear of tribotechnical pairs - friction surfaces of pads and wheels at braking is investigated. To assess the results of wear, the traditional test method is used by pressing the indenter into the appropriate friction surfaces. Findings. Expanding the capabilities of the stand for diagnosing axle boxes of freight cars with the possibility of testing for different types of brake pads of cars was obtained. During researches on the stand real operational conditions of work of wheel pair at diagnostics of subsystems of axle boxes and brake pads are created. During the study, different modes of wheel load are applied, the required humidity is provided and blowing is carried out in the test area of the counter pairs friction, as well as the temperature arising on the surfaces of brake pads and wheels is registrated using a special device. Originality. The concept of improvement of the diagnostic stand for researches of axle boxes is theoretically proved and practically confirmed. For the first time with the help of an advanced stand, it is possible to study different types of brake pads of cars, to identify the phenomena of formation of different types of wear and provide recommendations for increasing their life. Practical value. The results of research conducted on an advanced stand can be used in the design and modernization of such subsystems of innovative freight cars as axle boxes with rolling bearings and brake pads. An application for an invention has been submitted for an improved stand for complex research.

Author Biography

V. G. Ravlyuk, Ukrainian State University of Railway Transport

Dep. «Cars», Ukrainian State University of Railway Transport, Feuerbach Sq., 7, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61500, tel. +38 (057) 730 10 35, e-mail


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